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Chicago, Illinois
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Goals, progress, ups and downs with food and exercise, personal triumphs and tribulations, client success stories, class pictures, playlists, home workouts, motivation, sass, sarcasm, and all things Chicago. 




Specializing in weight loss and toning, Sunny's high intensity training sessions are designed to encourage, motivate, and push you. Her nutritional consultation will help you realize your full weight loss potential by developing an individualized eating plan that will work for your specific schedule and needs.

Plenty of people who go to the gym never see a real change in their body. In order to separate yourself from the "average gym-goer", you need to do things differently. Get out of your comfort zone and make your workouts more effective and efficient. Sunny's ultimate goal is to help you realize that YOU have the power to transform the way your body looks and feels.

Sunny's clients have dubbed her style a ‘friendly intensity’ because her workouts are challenging and results driven, but also always positive and inspiring. Sunny has an authentic curiosity about her clients as individuals and an inherent desire to help people with their life goals and challenges in and outside of the gym.











Sunny Ammons Fitness


All images used with permission from the photographer Jason Little