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Meal Prep

Sunny Ammons

Meal Prep Complete! I'm in awe at how fun it is to cook...and how delicious my food is turning out. I shopped at Trader Joes and Aldi this week, spending a little less than $110. I got a little carried away at TJ' love!

I spent around 5 hours from start to total cleanup and packaged. (Had to purchase more Tupperware...again!) I spent at least 90 minutes earlier in the week looking up recipes, making my menu and editing my grocery list.

Thanks to all of my clients and friends for giving me some great advice this week. I'm obsessed with talking to other people about food and learning new techniques and tricks. I still spend a lot of time second guessing myself and double checking online ( DO you boil an egg?) In coming weeks, I know my 5 hour time will go down significantly as I gain more confidence and ability. 

Overall, it was a great night and I am ridiculously excited to eat this week...already thinking about next weeks meals. 

Also, big shout out to Kendrick, Kanye, Miguel, Weezy, and my hazelnut coffee and candle for setting the mood last night. 

This weeks meals include: cider chicken & pecan rice, maple dijon drumsticks, egg muffins, catfish with a homemade rub, chicken salad, turkey fajita burgers & more!

For complete recipes visit my facebook page Sunny Ammons Fitness.